Online Binary Translator

Convert binary to text and vice versa


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With our free online Binary Translator tool, you can quickly convert any binary data to its text equivalent with just the single click of a button. This tool is very handy for developers, programmers, students, and anyone who deals with binary data and needs to convert it to text value.

Apart from being a binary to text converter, this tool is capable of converting binary to other formats as well include ASCII, UTF8, HexaDecimal, and more. Moreover, you can convert other formats to binary data.

To change the conversion type, simply click the input and output types above the textbox to change them.

How to use the Binary Translator?

  1. In the textbox above, type or paste a binary string that you want to convert to text.
  2. Press the Convert button to convert binary to text format.
  3. To copy the result, press the Copy button.

If you turn on the "real-time converter", the binary value will be converted to text automatically as you type or paste your input.