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SHA-1 is a cryptographic hash function that accepts an input string of any length and generates a 160-bit hash value or message digest. SHA1 has been found to be unreliable for cryptographic hashing as it has been found to cause hash "collision" where two different pieces of text create the same SHA-1 hash value. SHA-1 is commonly used for file integrity verification.

Using our online SHA-1 hash generator, you can quickly and easily generate the SHA-1 hash of any string within a few seconds. The tool is free t use without any restrictions and doesn't store any data that you enter.

How to Generate SHA-1 Hash?

To generate an SHA-1 hash, follow these steps

  1. Type or paste a piece of text into the textbox above, then click the Generate SHA1 Hash button.
  2. The SHA1 hash of your input is displayed. To copy it, click the Copy button and the hash value will be copied to your clipboard.