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A successor to SHA-1 hash, SHA-256 is a cryptographic hash algorithm that generates a 256-bits (32-byte) hash value of a given input. This algorithm is also known as SHA-2 and some people refer to it by this name. Unlike encryption, a hash cannot be decrypted back to its original value. It is a one way cryptographic function and is most commonly used for ensuring the integrity of data, especially file integrity.

With today's technological advancements, it has become much easier to crack the hash and as such, it should never be used for storing sensitive data such as passwords.

How to Generate SHA-256 Hash?

Generating SHA-256 hash is super simple using our online tool. Simply paste a string or piece of text that you wish to convert to SHA-256 hash, then click the Generate button and within a second, you\'ll get the equivalent SHA-256 hash of the entered string